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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Stretch Fusion?

Stretch Fusion is a fusion of services based primarily on movement therapy. We specialize in rehab-based fitness training which includes pre and post rehab exercise instruction, preventative exercise and training, posture analysis and exercise prescription, as well as fitness training with purpose. Our expert staff and our luxurious training environment are essential to what we do. In addition to our training and therapy services, we are also proud to house the Mobility Spa.

What is Mobility Spa™ ?

Mobility Spa™ is our unique method of treatment. Most treatments will give relief and relaxation that lasts for only a few short hours. The Mobility Spa™ system of treatment is centered on movement therapy that is designed to train your body while reshaping your brains neural pathways in order to provide long-lasting benefit. Our system allows your body to return to its natural movement patterns and build upon the progress you make, as good exercise should.

In addition to personalized physical training, we include relaxation, recovery, and corrective exercise in a premium spa environment. At Mobility Spa™ you can relax and corrective exercise in a premium spa environment. At Mobility Spa™ you can relax and calm your mind while we restore and enhance your body’s ability to move. Our methods are designed to restore your body and consequently your quality of life. The key to our method is a technique known as Fascial Stretch Therapy.

What is Fascial Stretch Therapy?

Fascial Stretch Therapy (FST) is a therapeutic technique that targets the most prevalent tissues of the human body, fascia. Fascia are tissues that exist throughout the body in our joints, muscles, and major bodily systems. Through FST, we can target and eliminate tension within your body’s fascia and restore your body, relaxing your muscles and relieving stress on your joints. By releasing the tension in your fascia, FST allows us to improve your flexibility, correct joint and muscle movement, and restore your posture. In doing so, FST allows us to achieve more optimal performance in life and in training, all while increasing the body’s natural ability to heal itself and recover.

FST was created by ANN FREDERICK. She and her husband, Chris, have gone on to build on these techniques for twenty five years. “It is complete full body functional mobility restoration system. Medical ands other professionals use FST as a neural myofascial manual and movement therapy. Personal trainers, movement instructors and others use FST for assisted mobilization, stretching and corrective movement training.All use FST for optimal performance in sports and life, asa well as to enhance the body’s natural ability to heal itself and recover.”Stretch To Win

What other techniques are used?

A compilation of modalities and techniques are used for treating and restoring soft tissue. Various forms of myofascial release, heat, muscle stimulation, cryotherapy, massage and advanced movement therapies are used such as TMR (total motion relief) are used.

Who should get FST?

Fascial Stretch Therapy™ can benefit EVERYONE! From the very immobile to the professional athlete. We all, at some point in life, suffer from some form of stress. It could be physical, mental or emotional, and the way our bodies react to stress is by tightening & stiffening.  If not treated properly, one’s quality of life is sure to deteriorate due to pain; causing a more rapid acceleration of  aging in the mind, body & spirit.

How did you land on FST?

I wrote papers on PNF, Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation, in the early ’90’s in undergrad. I was amazed with the ability to create movement change and consequently performance change by manipulating mechanoreceptors within the neuromuscular unit. About twelve years ago, I began following Gray Cook, the renowned physical therapist who created Functional Movement Systems.  This system is founded on the notion that therapists often spend time locked into a joint when we need to look at larger movement patterns.  On one occasion, he posed the question, Why is it that an individual can show tightness in one area like ones hip flexors on an overhead squat but not have the same tightness appear when we lie them on the table.   I immediately visualized this notion of a fascial restriction and decided that I wanted to learn more about this.  This is how FST became the staple of Stretch Fusion.

How did this concept come into existence?

About fifteen years ago when I would visit my mother whose health was waning, I would lay her down and start working on her. I would stretch a little here and rub a little there.  She would say, “Oh… this is what you do.” At the time I was only doing rehab and performance training.  When I told her, “No, this isn’t really what I do.”  She said, “Well it should be.”  I realized then that there was a place for something more therapeutic than massage.  As time went on and I was fortunate enough to have kept some clients for as much as twenty years. I began spending more and more time on the table. This was a result of how many individual needs changed over time. Almost aways there was more need for mobility and function over strength and fitness. Because I remembered my time with my mom and I had a clinical background, I embraced these changes. – Shane Cox, Founder

How often should I get FST to have optimal results?

Frequency can range from once a week to once a month or on a needs basis.  Generally you can stretch as much as you want as long as you aren’t sore. FST should be pain free, and if you are sore you may be overstretching.

Why FST?

After over 20 years of doing fitness assessments, I came to realize that muscle imbalances indicated during a movement screen were not always visible on the table or during the screen itself. I knew that the root cause of these discrepancies was a facial restriction. This is what led me to fascial stretch therapy (FST).

What are your prices?

Prices vary based on the service offered and the duration of the service. The first session will be discounted, and we will discuss price after your postural assessment and discounted session.

What recovery services do you offer?

Here at Stretch Fusion, we offer heat therapy, muscle stimulation, Normatec compression sleeves, and cryotherapy. We also have a state of the art massage chair for you to relax and prepare your body for a great stretch session.